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Big Data, Cloud and Analytics Workshop

 This cutting-edge one-day workshop delivers sophisticated material in an easy-to-understand applicable to real-world situations, covering your own industry.

About the workshop:

This cutting-edge one-day workshop delivers sophisticated material in an easy-to-understand applicable to real-world situations, covering your own industry.  You'll gain a working knowledge that can massively improve marketing, create operational efficiencies, build new business models, disrupt the competitive status quo and spark innovation, while excelling in today competitive era.  You'll leave this program with your own Road Map to put to practice, the essential skills to manage your staff effectively, with the necessary insights for leveraging analytics to increase efficiency and productivity, while capturing new business opportunities.


Business background and practice in Senior, Management or Executive position is required. No Information Technology prior knowledge or experience is necessary but computer literacy is needed. The workshop material will be presented in English and Arabic for the mixed participants.

Audience focus:

For the non-IT Senior Staff, Manager and Executives in medium to large enterprise interested to acquire the necessary knowledge of today emerging technologies' identification, assessment, selection, adoption and utilization. The target is to apply it in their own environment for oversight and decision making that maximize their Enterprise Performance. This is in terms of reducing cost, waste and risk while in the same time capturing new opportunities for growth, stability, increased business value and equity to capacity that surpass their initial, but evolving, target goals.

Locations and Dates:

  • Cairo: Oct 2, 2016
  • Riyadh: Oct 3, 2016
  • Doha: Oct 4, 2016
  • Dubai: Oct 5, 2016
  • Abu Dhabi: Oct 6, 2016                           

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The focus is on the following market sectors: 

  • Government
  • Public Services
  •  Supply Chain
  • Retails
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • harmacies
  • Communications        
  • Real Estates                                                                       

Workshop outlines:


Aligning Enterprise Mission, Goals & Objectives

  • Review the present state
  • Establish the base line
  • Establish the future Vision

Present State & Future Desired State

  • Discover to define the Present
  • Vision to define the Future

Applying Business Engineering Methods

  • Business Analysis
  • Stakeholders Role
  • Enterprise Initiatives

Emerging Technologies Defining

  • Big Data and How
  • The Cloud & Why
  • Analytics & Optimization

Emerging Technologies Deploying:

  • Big Data Technology
  • Cloud Technology
  • Analytics Tools
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Statistical Analysis & Forecasting
  • Social Media

Insight & Control Through the Cloud

  • Online Prediction & Optimization
  • Online Cost & Risk Minimization
  • Online Revenue Maximization
  • Online Profitability Maximization
  • Online Performance Optimization

Enterprise Performance Measurements in Cloud

  • Key Business Objectives (KBO)
  • Key Quality Indicators (KQI)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Balanced Scorecard in the Cloud (BSC)

Developing the Road Map for Transformation

  • Review Best Industries Practices
  • Optimization Tactically & Strategically
  • Develop Your Own Road Map

Road Map Execution

  • Internally
  • In-Sourcing
  • Out-Sourcing

Take Away Tangibles:

  • The Technologies Capsulized
  • Data Elicitation Templates
  • Road Map Development Kit
  • Road Map Execution & Maintenance
  • Pre-Execution Performance Measure
  • Post-Execution Performance Measure

About the speaker:

Dr. Samir Arafeh, senior consultant at the City of Los Angeles, Performance Maximization Road Map of 45 Departments CEOs, 40,000 employees, $1 Billion Infrastructure Directive.