Avaya Support Professional Specialist (ASPS): Avaya Product Professional Credentials

This credential qualifies that the candidate has an advanced level of technical proficiency necessary to deliver installation, configuration, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting support for Avaya products. Qualified candidates typically have a minimum of 4 years' experience in the relevant technologies and up to 2 years' experience in supporting the Avaya product.

The candidate can apply knowledge and skills to:

  • Demonstrate product architecture knowledge (components, features and functions)
  • Install the product hardware and software
  • Test, validate, and troubleshoot the implementation
  • Configure the product for hand-off to Day 2 administration
  • Administer, maintain, and troubleshoot intermediate to advanced configurations
  • Interpret and resolve customer technical issues related to the products and components

*The Certification is valid for 2 years

Avaya Contact Center Select

Recommended training:
7720V - IP Office™ Platform Basic Integration and Configuration
7760V - Avaya Contact Center Select Implementation and Support

Avaya ANAVNew

Recommended training: 2517V Avaya ANAV Implementation and Maintenance

Avaya Breeze™ Implementation and Support

Recommended training: 7016W - Avaya Breeze™ Integration and Support

Avaya Message Networking

Recommended training: ATI01139IEN Avaya Modular Messaging Implementation for Avaya Message Store

Avaya Modular Messaging for Microsoft Exchange

Recommended training: 1M00100I Avaya Modular Messaging Caller Applications

Avaya one-X® Speech

Recommended training: ATI02056IEN one-X Speech Implementation

Avaya Call Management System

Recommended training:
ATI00685IEN Call Management System Installation & Maintenance
0C00080V Customizing CMS Reports Workshop

Avaya Control Manager

Recommended training:
7090C Avaya Control Manager Implementation
7091C Avaya Control Manager Administration

Avaya Proactive Contact

Recommended training:
ATA00781VEN Avaya Proactive Contact 5.0 Implementation & Configuration
4C00072V Avaya Proactive Contact 5.0 Basic System Supervisor
4C00073V Avaya Proactive Contact 5.0 Advanced System Supervisor

Avaya Workforce Management

Recommended training:
5C00641I Avaya Framework Installation & Configuration for Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization
5C00643I Avaya Workforce Management Configuration