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IBM Certified Developer - Cognos 10 BI Metadata Models

The model developer is responsible to model metadata for predictable reporting and analysis results.

The Cognos 10 BI Metadata Model Developer exam covers key concepts, technologies, and functionality of the Cognos products. In preparation for an exam, we recommend a combination of training and hands-on experience, and a detailed review of product documentation.


  • Knowledge of common industry standard data structures and design
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience gathering requirements and analyzing data

Recommended Training and Required Exam(s)

 Required Exam Recommended Training 
COG-632 - IBM Cognos 10 BI Metadata Model Developer
  • IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (V10.1) (B5152G)
  • IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (V10.2) (B5252G)

Skills acquired during recommended training

Common Data Structures and Traps

  • Common Data Structures
  • Different data traps

Framework Manager Basics

  • Different model types that can be published from Framework Manager
  • Purpose of Framework Manager
  • Create a project
  • Recommendations for preparing metadata

Predictable Results

  • Recommendations to achieve predictable results
  • Why and how to implement a time dimension
  • Techniques for creating intuitive business views


  • Cognos 10 security environment
  • Implement security on models and packages

Project Management and Maintenance

  • Manage Framework Manager projects
  • Manage Framework Manager packages

Query Subject Types

  • Different query subject types and uses

Generated SQL and Complex Queries

  • SQL Generation in Complex Queries
  • Aggregated result sets for multi-fact queries
  • Aggregations in Report Studio SQL

Optimization and Tuning

  • Performance impact of querie

Advanced Techniques

  • Leverage user defined functions
  • Resolve a recursive relationship
  • Considerations for drill-through values and managing MUNs