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IBM Certified Solution Designer - Cognos 10 Planning

The Cognos 10 Planning solution designer is responsible for building and maintaining models and applications for business planning using IBM Cognos 10 Planning Analyst and Contributor products.


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Recommended Training and Required Exam(s)

 Required Exam Recommended Training 
COG-700: IBM Cognos 10 Planning Application Consultant

IBM Cognos Planning Analyst: Build Models (V10.1) (P8101G)

Skills acquired during recommended training

Libraries and Common Objects

  • Create and manage libraries

Create D-Lists and D-Cubes

  • Set practices for creating D-Lists
  • Create D-List items from key sources
  • Create timescale D-Lists
  • Create D-Cubes
  • Change the perspective of a D-Cube
  • Saved selections
  • Enter data
  • Control the display of D-Cube data
  • Control the display of Contributor data
  • Identify D-list sizing best practices

Load and Distribute Data using D-Links

  • Create a D-Link
  • Pair source and target dimensions
  • Create A-Tables
  • Determine how data will populate target
  • Define import data using a File Map
  • Use a D-Cube to allocate data
  • Use D-Links
  • Import Data from an external database

Enhance D-Lists and D-Cubes

  • Create calculations manually
  • Format D-List items
  • Use Calc Options on D-Lists
  • Restructure D-Cubes

Built-in Functions (BiFs)

  • Explain purpose of Built-in Functions

Automate Processes in Analyst

  • Update D-List items
  • Create and maintain Analyst macros

Object Maintenance and Administration

  • Maintain objects using Library Functions

Setup Planning Administrator

  • Setup Planning Administrator
  • Add job servers and clusters

Create Contributor Applications

  • Identify Analyst library considerations
  • Create and configure an application
  • Import and manage e.Lists
  • Configure settings for attached documents
  • Link to and deploy applications
  • Validate data in Contributor applications

Workflow and Web Activities

  • Specify web grid behavior
  • Use the web grid

Saved Selections and Access Tables

  • Create and manage saved selections
  • Create and manage access tables

Administer Contributor Applications

  • Understand the implications of GTP and reconcile
  • Manage jobs

Security in Contributor

  • Assign administrative access rights in the console
  • Understand the Cognos 8 Security Model

Data Management in Contributor

  • Create Admin, System, and Local links
  • Import data using the console
  • Publish data

Automate Processes in Contributor

  • Create and utilize a macro

Common Extensions

  • Describe the use of the Generate Framework Manager Model extension

Translate an Application

  • Describe translation functionality

Cognos 10 Functionality

  • Describe the benefits of using Event Studio in conjunction with Planning
  • Describe the benefits of having the Framework Manager functionality