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Global Knowledge Management Team

UAE, Gulf & Africa Management

Maged Thabet

Country Manager

Kerollos Nady

Financial Manager UAE/Gulf

Morcos Fouad

Sales Manager

MEA Management

Wael Khattab

Managing Director - MEA

Iman Farouk

Resourcing Manager - MEA

Essam Shafik

Operations Director - MEA

Katharine El Charif

Financial Controller -MEA

Prasad Pillai

Remote Labs Director - MEA

Mohamed Assem

Senior Product Marketing Manager - MEA

Bahaa Salem

Product Marketing Director - MEA

Mohamed AlAttar

Networking Business Unit Manager - MEA

EMEA Management

Paul Renucci

President - EMEA

Andy Boyle

Chief Financial Officer - EMEA

Peter Howell

Operations Director - EMEA

Kevin Addington

IT Director - EMEA

Rene Van Der Zeeuw

Marketing Manager - EMEA

Corporate Management

Robert A Kalainikas

Interim CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Robert A. Kalainikas

Chief Financial Officer

Brian G. Holland

General Counsel and Secretary

Michael K. Fox

Senior Vice President - Enterprise Solutions and Product Management

Paul Renucci

President, Global Knowledge - EMEA

Lawrence Franco

President, Global Knowledge - Canada