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Are you ready for Cloud?


Cloud computing is a growing trend in business, one that is only going to accelerate due to the cost efficiencies that can be achieved.  Many, if not all technology vendors and service providers are creating Cloud services to meet the demand of the business consumer but, who is helping YOU adapt to the changing business demands?

Global Knowledge is proud to have developed the Cloud Practice Accelerator (CPA), a capability maturity assessment and practice build service that takes the best of our Business Transformation capabilities and delivers scalability, reusability and managed business change for People, Process and Technology.

To help enterprise organisations with their Cloud adoption, and support channel partners that are considering offering cloud solutions, Global Knowledge has launched a Cloud Learning Solutions and Services Portfolio. This structured programme provides customers with a range of business transformation consulting services and education, which enables an organisation to successfully build and implement Cloud solutions, regardless of where they are in their own cloud journey.

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Our Cloud Solutions and Services offer provides you with customised support to assess your current organisation and individual capabilities, address the required changes across people, processes and technology and build a plan to address skills and knowledge requirements to achieve your business goals in an on-demand , service-oriented environment.

Driven by the organisational needs and the maturity of the IT-organisation we address:

Enterprise Architecture | Project and Programme Management  |  Business Processes  | Service Management | Leadership and Business Skills.

Strong governance in these five areas is the key to fully leveraging the benefits that Cloud computing can bring to an organisation. For more information about the Cloud Learning Solutions and Services, please visit