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Joe McCray has over 10 years of experience in the security industry with a diverse background that includes network and web application penetration testing, forensics, training, and regulatory compliance.  Having performed hundreds of penetration tests assessing well over 250,000 hosts in the DoD, Federal, Financial, Gaming, Retail, and Hospitality industries - Joe's specialty is pentesting high security environments, and bypassing high end security systems.CAST Advanced Penetration Testing_Ec-council
Joe is a US Air Force veteran with 5 years of US Army contracting experience in information assurance (specifically Information Assurance Network Engineering, Incident Response, Forensics, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Testing). He is well versed in cyber war, cyber terrorism tactics having spent 2 years in Iraq and 1 year at US Army NetCom. He now gives advanced hacking and forensics training to the FBI, NSA, DHS, Royal Canadian Mounties, and several other entities. Joe is also a frequent trainer and presenter at security conferences such as Black Hat, Def Con, BruCON, Hacker Halted, Techno Security, Techno Forensics, and many others.
Joe was awarded the EC-Council Instructor of the Year award for 2010, and a Circle of Excellence (Instructor) recipient for 2009.

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