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How To Sell VMware Solutions

VMware_Parner_logoThe VMware Product Sales Effectiveness learning solutions help ICT Sales Professionals effectively sell specific VMware products and solutions. These highly interactive and skills-based programs target both product knowledge and selling techniques.

VMware Competitive Selling

As the trends towards virtualisation and Cloud Computing continue to grow, the competition between vendors to maintain and increase market share for these important technologies intensifies.  While VMware enjoys a strong market position, competitors continue to invest in new technologies to compete directly in these mega-trends.  Throughout the sales cycle Account Managers positioning VMware solutions are faced with having to deal with competitive threats.  Knowing when to be defensive and when to take more of pro-active approach to handling competition is critical.  To do that however sales professionals must have an in-depth understanding of the solutions they have recommended.

The VMware Competitive Selling Course  is a 1-day program that teaches Account Managers how to competitively position VMware solutions in a way that highlights their unique advantages and minimises competitive threats.

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